Murt Burner — artist, musician, actor

Artem Prokhorov, also known by his creative alias Murt Burner, was born on December 18, 1988, in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Growing up in an ordinary yet loving family, Artem's childhood in a city marked by its criminality left a lasting impression on his artistic journey.

Introduced to drawing at a young age through a tattoo from a friend, Artem developed a keen interest in tattoo culture and artistry. Although he didn't pursue formal art education, Artem's move to Kyiv at nineteen, alongside his girlfriend studying graphic design, provided him with a deeper understanding of creativity.

Inspired by artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Artem was drawn to neo-expressionism, channeling emotional complexities into his artwork, reflecting the chaotic world around him. While working as a bartender, Artem's discovery of customization shifted his focus towards art as a profession.

Adopting the pseudonym Murt Burner, he began customizing clothes and shoes, gaining recognition and collaborating with celebrities and brands. Transitioning fully into painting, Murt's neo-expressionist style incorporates various mediums, reflecting both personal experiences and societal upheavals, notably the impact of the war in Ukraine.

Murt started making music, as he says himself "you saw me, now hear me». Committed to philanthropy, Murt auctions art created on battlefield weapons to aid war victims and plans to release a collection addressing life during conflict. In his own words, Murt encapsulates his approach to life and art, stating, "I don't make plans because I don't know if I wake up tomorrow or a missile hit my house, but if I wake up, I'll draw or write something».

Murt Burner's work serves as a visceral expression of resilience, capturing the complexities of human experience amidst turmoil and transformation.
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